giveaway winners!


yay giveaways! i absolutely love giving things away, especially really cute things! and after plugging all the numbers into, we have a completely new list of winners this week-even some that i don’t know personally. i feel like a real blogger now.

lullabies winner (white hair clip): Rachel Y.
compassion winner (pin): Amy F.
exodus cry winner (earrings): Leah S.
missions winner (bobby pins): Natalie
look around winner (coffee sleeve): Jeska A.

bonus giveaway cd winner: Kellie E.

i loved all your comments, but my favorite was leah’s: “Okay, this is going to be my lucky comment I can feel it. ;)” leah, that was your lucky comment! how funny is that?!

since i’ve never not known my commenters, i’m hoping this works out.

here’s what you have to do to claim your prize:
email me your mailing address by friday, november 4th (i promise i’m not some creeper who’s going to stalk you, i just want to mail you your prize!)
i’ll mail all the prizes out on friday, so you should all receive them early next week.

i’ll also try to contact you however i can, and if i don’t hear back from you by friday, i’ll have to give your prize to another reader.

thanks for reading, commenting, and giving me some love last week. i would probably blog even if no one read this, but i’m thankful to those of you who do. : )

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