pinecone research + giveaway


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what is it?

pinecone research is a survey company. their surveys are consistent and simple, and they pay promptly with no strings attached. it’s the only company i spend the time taking surveys. while inboxdollars and swagbucks both offer many surveys, i’ve never found that those are worth my time. 
how does it work for me?
i receive requests to take surveys between 2 and 4 times a month. each survey takes me about 20 minutes to complete if i’m focused. with pinecone, i receive $3 for every survey i complete.

i try to complete the survey as soon as it lands in my inbox. most surveys allow only 2-3 days to complete, and i’ve missed several opportunities because i simply forgot to respond.

i enjoy taking the surveys, even though it is the most time consuming “free money” thing i do.   

where’s the proof?
pinecone doesn’t have an earnings total, but in the past year i’ve completed 23 surveys, so i’ve earned $66 in one year. at 20 minutes per survey, i earn about $9 an hour.

disclaimer, pinecone only allows for a certain number of researchers. i’ll try to post the next time they have openings.

*giveaway closed*
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