sweet crochet & sew dress


Mya's birthday dress

oh how I love making things for ones I love!

this little five-year-old though?


she has my heart. she’s my one and only niece; the first and currently only duvick grandbaby around. she is so loved by the lot of us, and boy, she certainly has a big enough heart for all of us. i haven’t hugged her or seen her in person since she was a little over two years old, but she calls me “aunt lisagrace” or “my lisagrace” anyway. the last time i facetimed with her, she sang every single line of “let it go” and showed me her dance moves. seriously, her mom has raised a fantastic little girl. [HUGE shoutout to diana!]

i saw this super sweet dress a while back on my all time favorite craft blog, the Purl Bee. and knew i had the perfect little girl to make it for. the only hang up? i’ve tried and failed to learned how to crochet many a time. earlier this summer, as i was desperately trying to hold my crochetwork tightly enough (the tension is ridiculous! so much simpler when your work is on a stick!), i asked my friend Kaylee, “will i ever like crochet?!” she responded with sympathy, thankfully, and i kept on working at it, however reluctantly. Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.40.05 PM

but the happy ending is this dress – look at it! i did it! i finally figured out the tension and it was truly a breeze after that. so quick! so easy! such a handy skill to have! such an adorable dress for my niece!

happy birthday, my love – so proud of you and i love your big heart.  all credit goes to mya for being the only thing motivating enough to make me crochet. 

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