inbox dollars + giveaway


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what it is?
inboxdollars is basically an advertisement service. they send advertisements via email and you get paid $.01 or $.02 for clicking to confirm you’ve read the email.

how does it work for me?
each morning, after i’ve gotten through my swagbucks routine, i click on my inboxdollars toolbar where it tells me how many unread emails i have. rather than reading them when they come to my actual email inbox, i go directly to my inbox on their site. by doing this, i only check those emails once a day and it takes about 10 seconds to click through them all. i usually receive between 4-5 per day.

these emails are basically spam and i’ve become numb to subliminal messaging. however, i’ve never received any actual spam because inboxdollars doesn’t share my email. i only receive emails directly from inboxdollars and i simply delete them on the spot.

they also require that you earn $30 before “cashing in.”

where’s the proof?
while this is considerably slower-going than swagbucks, i still find it to be an easy and fun way to earn a little extra cash. since january of 2010 i’ve earned $55.24. because of the $30 rule, i’ve only cashed one check for $33.74 and have $21.50 in my account. i roughly spend a total of one hour on this throughout the year.

*giveaway closed*
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here’s how to enter the giveaway today:
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