I’ve long known that my love language is crafting. As in, I love loving people by making things for them. I like being the “crafty friend.”

I would estimate that I spend about 75% of my craft time making some specifically requested item for someone, or helping someone with an everyday type mending project. And for those of you who are in amazement of my lack of Etsy shop – I don’t have time to make all my friends things and make items to sell.

Truly, right now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My friends are my inspiration. They come up with these crazy ideas of things they want and I get to explore forward and create a new project! I love it. Seriously. And I love the happiness I’m able to bring the people I love by making them a one-of-a-kind gift or by helping them learn to sew or knit or by helping with a household project that requires some crafty ingenuity and know-how.

However, there is another, more secret reason I haven’t made the jump from friend-making to stranger-making. It’s the pressure. And the worry. And the wanting it to beĀ perfect. Because when you make things for your friends, they are THRILLED and AMAZED. No matter what. Even if a hem is a little crooked. Even if there is a little snag in the fabric.

Maybe I just have the BEST, most AWESOME friends (I do). Seriously, friends, thanks for providing me with so much inspiration. And thanks for letting me practice on you.

I don’t know how to end this post. Because I’m honestly still in mid-thought about it. Should I let my fear of rejection conquer me? Probably not. Do I really want to go for this whole “selling my wears” thing? I don’t know. But it’s crossing my mind on a more regular basis, so that’s something.


2 thoughts on “stranger-making

  1. I’m thinking you should make something, donate it to us, and we can either sell it at a garage sale or raffle it off to raise money for our adoption! Kind of a… ‘franger’ making.

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