preview for next week & giveaway winners!


i have to tell you, i was nervous and excited for all of you who commented on my blog as i was entering the numbers on you all had pretty good chances. apparently not very many people were interested in winning free giftcards-i honestly expected more comments!

but there were only 5 winners, which means some of you did not win. i guess i’ll just have to do more giveaways next week!┬ánext week is what i like to call “give week.” i’m going to be writing about generosity, worthy causes, and how and why we give even though we’re on a tight budget.

and in the theme of “give week” the giveaways next week are actually in support of a cause i’ve been super excited about lately. here’s a picture of the adorable items i’m giving away, i’ll post more about the cause on monday!

and without further ado, here are the winners for this week!

#1: Christy
#2: Alicia
#3: Kaylee
#4: Ami
#5: Karlee

congratulations! you will all receive an email today from with your giftcard information!