Embroidered Burlap Pennant Banner | #lisagracemade


Sorry for the super crappy quality of this picture, but you get the jist of how this turned out.

I love, love, love weddings.  They are sources of such contagious joy, are they not?  It may come as a surprise, but my own wedding wasn’t all that crafty.  Sometimes I want to kick my 20-year-old self for not using my crafty skills more but to my own credit, I was more focused on getting to marry my best friend then on what decorations I needed.

But weddings are SO much fun to use my crafty skills for and I love to make things for my friends’ wedding days that will make their day special.  I had so much fun making this pennant banner  for my friend Marina.  We hung it at her Bridal Shower and it will go behind the dessert table at her wedding!  I unfortunately can’t make it to the wedding, but I feel so honored to have something I handmade represent me.

This was so easy, and I don’t think a full out tutorial is really necessary so I’ve listed the supplies I used as well as some tips and tricks.


  • Burlap
  • Yarn
  • Large Darning Needle
  • Lightly colored Marker
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Sewing Machine (optional)

Tips & Tricks:

The perfect triangle:  Fold an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in half (hamburger style if you know what I mean), and cut at an angle.  Unfold and you should have a perfect triangle!

Letter Patterns: I printed out letters that I liked (these are simply “Times New Roman Bold” and used a yellow/orange marker to trace the letters on the burlap.  This way, if I swayed from the pattern while embroidering, you wouldn’t really be able to tell.

The Stitch: I used the “back stitch” for outlining the letters. I think it’s commonly used with cross-stitching and I simply youtube-d how to do it.  It was very easy and quick!





Happy Crafting!

what kind-of stockings should i make?


I really want to make Bryan and I stockings this year, but I just don’t know what kind I want to make.

I could knit some stockings, but for some reason I’m drawn to cross-stitching. I like the idea of a more modern Christmas look, but at the same time, I really LOVE kitchy stuff and cheesy Christmas decor. And since it’s not adorning my house all year round, you might as well go crazy with cheesiness right?

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

IKEA & The Perfect Couch

Isn’t she beautiful?

Bonus: The couch is comfortable too!
We went to IKEA on the Fourth of July and we found so many perfect things for our new home. We had a long list of things we needed, including a desk for each of us, and a bookshelf, among other things. Wanna see what we picked out? I thought so! I’ll take pictures of out actual home soon, but there are still some things I want to finish up before the reveal on the world wide web.
First, the couch story.
We actually weren’t planning on getting a couch from IKEA. We had just visited this consignment store in Iowa City called “Stuff, Etc.” and we found two really fun loveseats (more on that in the next post). Originally, I was thinking our living room was small enough for two loveseats rather than couches, but once we got them inside, the one looked too small against our wall. I was slightly bummed, but we also decided it was for the best. So we were looking for a couch, but not necessarily from IKEA.
But then, we saw the couch, it was with the 50 other couches on display at IKEA. But we knew, this was a great couch. (Ok, so I’m over-dramatizing a bit) But, really, I feel in love with it. It was comfortable (not all IKEA couches are super comfortable), it was fun, it was stylish, and it was not super expensive. Mostly, it was the perfect size for our living room and for welcoming people into our home and having people over!
On the downside, they had just sold out.
They usually have a lot in stock, and they were going to get a big shipment in tomorrow. But we had already driven 4 hours to get there-to drive another 12 in the next 24 hours seemed disgusting but I was completely ready to do it for this couch.
However, the wonderful employee, Andrew, who was helping us suggested that we simply drive 24 miles north to the OTHER IKEA in Illinois. Bryan couldn’t believe that there were two so close to each other. Andrew checked with the other store to make sure they had the couch and cover we wanted in stock and sent us on our way!
Once we got there, I quickly planted myself on the two boxes that held the last couch that was in stock until Bryan got a cart to push it away on-we got our couch!
If you endured that not-so-exciting story (sorry, it was more fun for me, and didn’t translate well on paper), you deserve some pictures of the other things we picked out at IKEA. Without further ado:

Bedroom Update


When I was in Minneapolis in March, we took the inevitable trip to the best place on earth IKEA. I was planning on looking around and maybe getting some new bedroom stuff. I had been discontent with our bedroom for a while now, it just felt really dirty and cluttered and well, the opposite of a bedroom. It was basically a dusty storage room where we happened to sleep.

“Maybe” turned into definitely when I stepped into IKEA, and I’m so glad I decided to revamp. I’m extremely satisfied with the results. Here are some before and pictures:

Before BEFORE:


Personally, I think my style is improving. : )

a little inspiration and a free kitchen table go a long way…


A little inspiration: I fell in love with this painting as soon as I saw it in my Elle Decor Magazine. I love the dark gray and simplicity of it. And I figured it’s just stripes, right? I can do that. I put it on my DIY list.

So when I picked up our FREE kitchen table last week (thanks again Andy & Laura Lynn!), I knew the perfect spot for my inspiration to take form, and I knew I wanted to make our kitchen cute and home-y. I’m also going to take the time here to put in a plug for Art Night at my house every other Monday. The next one is February 15th! You should come!

Anyway, here’s the before shot:

and here are the after shots:

Much improved? I think so!

prices revealed!


So maybe you didn’t play my game, but I still wanted to brag about the awesome prices I got! : )

Giant Trunk: $25.00

Small Storage Chest: $9.00

Retro Yellow Chair: $10.00



guess how much?


I got some GREAT pieces of furniture to finish off our living room at the Junk Refunkery. Can you guess how much each of these cost?

Giant Trunk
(It fits ALL of our board games and serves as a coffee table! Amazing!)

Small Storage Chest

Retro Yellow Chair