lullabies for africa

this week, i’m sharing five different opportunities to give. i’ve shared several times now on why my husband and i find giving to be an essential part of life. i thought it would be fun to help promote the causes that we are most passionate about. 
today, i’m sharing about a wonderful cause. Lullabies for Africa is something i’ve been really excited about these past few months. 
haleigh is a friend of ours from ames. bryan played for the anthem band while she was also in the band-this girl has pipes! i was so excited to get a support letter from her and hear that she was going to kenya for three weeks this winter. it was so evident that God had moved in haleigh’s life and given her new eyes to see all of the orphans in need. thus, the Lullabies for Africa album was born-some of our good friends both in Ames and in Iowa City contributed to this album, which is also fun! as usual, God had a bigger vision than even she had for this project. 
on top of the cd, haleigh (and some other awesome people) have been hand-crafting a bunch of cute goods and selling them with the promise that 100% of the proceeds goes to help orphans in africa! 
watching haleigh be transformed by God’s vision and love for the world has totally gripped my heart. i’ve told her several times that i’m just so excited about what God is doing in and through her! 
how can you contribute? 
  • consider making a donation to the Lullabies for Africa cause.
    “The money collected will go towards traveling costs and fees. Any donations that exceed the $3500 mark will go to help families adopt from Africa.”
  • check out the adorable handmade goods in the lullabies etsy shop.
  • purchase the cd as a gift or for your own children, it’s a beautiful collection of lullabies!

this week, i’m giving away five handmade crafts from lullabies for africa!
simply leave a comment on this post if you’d like to win this adorable hair clip. 
i’ll randomly select the winner at the end of the week!

8 thoughts on “lullabies for africa

  1. Kaylee

    I'm sad that more people don't read your blog and comment. The Good Life is a great place to come for a thoughtful comment or a hearty laugh.

  2. I have really loved reading you blog lately… and all your crafts have inspired some fun ones of my own. 🙂 This sounds like an amazing opportunity and I will definitely check out the etsy shop.
    Also… if you don't know who I am, I was originally from Story City and Bryan knows my brother Matthew Stellmaker. Now I go to Veritas with my husband)

  3. I am buying this CD! I am very excited to buy it, actually. My extended family seems to currently be in the “baby boom” phase – and this is such a cool gift to give.

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