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i want to give these giftcards away!
this is relatively new to me, as i’ve only had an iphone for a month and a half. but apparently i really enjoy doing menial tasks for fictional money like “swagbucks” or “kicks” or “points.” you all probably think i’m crazy! just note, i don’t have a longterm history with any of the apps i’m about to mention like i do with the other four sites i’ve written about this week, so don’t consider my recommendation as gold or anything. 

what it is?
i recently read this article on making money with your iphone. most of the apps out there simply advertise certain products by having you scan barcodes when you’re in the store.

shopkick and checkpoints are two apps that i use. 

how does it work for me?
if i feel like it, i’ll run around walmart, scan some barcodes, and earn some points. i haven’t earned enough points to mean anything yet, so i’m not convinced it’s worth my time yet. but, like all of the things i’ve mentioned this week, i’ve found that it doesn’t actually take a lot of my time once i figure out a system.

i don’t by any means make extra trips to the store just to get these points, but i’m in walmart a couple times a week anyway, so i’ll make some scans if i’m not pressed for time.

if you don’t have a smartphone, which i know is many of you, i would liken these apps to technology-driven mystery shopping. i’ve never mystery shopped personally, but i know this is a viable way to earn some extra cash, too, and you don’t even need a smartphone! : )

where’s the proof?
i don’t have any proof yet, as i mentioned earlier, but on shopkick, i’ve earned 561 kicks in about 3 weeks. i’m a little less than halfway there to earn a $5 target giftcard.

*giveaway closed*

enter to win another $5 amazon.com gift card today!

here’s how to enter the giveaway today:
simply leave a comment answering this question: what you’re favorite way to earn “free money?”

i’ll randomly select a winner for today’s giveaway at the end of the week!

5 thoughts on “iphone apps + giveaway

  1. Change is like “free” money around here. Once we break a bill, Craig doesn't like to use the change, so I get it. I could save it… but it usually goes towards a delicious cookie at Target.

  2. um…i'm totally not a pro at earning free money. about the only thing we occasionally do: we use a 1% cash back credit card. and while our goal is to do a cash budget monthly, frankly i've just gotten so busy with kids to get to the atm for the cash each month, so we end up using our card and just paying it off each month. the nice thing is, we get 1$ cash back automatically into our account!

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