There’s something beautiful to me about starting new. I’ve always loved change. I like to re-arrange, re-organize, re-shake up my life. It’s hard in many ways, to adjust to a new normal, but I love the adjusting period. It causes me to consider the things that truly matter in life, the things that I want to hold on to amidst all the change.

Bryan and I moved to Washington state in early March. We had three weeks to move from Iowa to Washington. Our solution to this was to sell almost everything we own, and that we did. What we didn’t sell, we donated, gave away and consigned. We ended up moving with 13 boxes and some change (as in, my wedding dress, sewing machine and Bryan’s musical instruments shoved into every crevasse in our cars). It was strange to see what filled those boxes. When we really surveyed the final packing job, the boxes were filled with:

  • DVD’s
  • Records (Vinyls)
  • CD’s
  • Video Games
  • Books
  • Crafts
  • Board Games
  • Kitchen Utensils & Kitchen Ware
  • Clothing

Really, there wasn’t much else we brought with us.

It’s refreshing to start over. I get to re-arrange, re-organize, re-think everything about our little home and life here. I love the idea that I have our whole future life here in front of me. And I get to paint it whatever color I want.


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