A lovely comfort



On our way home from our first community group…

Lisagrace: Bryan, Lauren was wearing Layla’s shoes.
Bryan: What are you talking about?
Lisagrace: Lauren had the exact same shoes as Layla…and they aren’t very common shoes. ¬†I’ve never seen them except on Layla’s feet. ¬†It was like God was saying, “you can be friends with these people.”
Bryan: You’re weird.

We’ve settled on a church here (solely based on the shoe thing…just kidding). ¬†I think it’s finally official that we live here now. ¬†We have a bank account here, washington driver’s licenses and license plates, the works. ¬†And now we have a new church. ¬†Our church in Iowa will always have a piece of us. ¬†After all, family is always family. ¬†But God has us here.

We go to Mars Hill Church in Federal Way, WA. ¬†We go to community group in Auburn, WA. ¬†I go to a women’s bible study in Federal Way, WA. ¬†We’re apart of a church. ¬†God is good.

An old friend/mentor, Anna Chang and her husband Noah host our community group. ¬†Anna is the sister of Lydia, who plays violin for Adoleo, Bryan’s old band through Veritas. ¬†Anna was also my Junior High Small Group leader when she was in college and I was in, well, junior high. ¬†How sweet is that? ¬†God really provided some instant community through them.

We went to their community group and some of the first people that walked in were from Iowa. ¬†Yep, that’s right. ¬†Actually, Lauren is canadian, but she went to Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, IA. ¬†And, more importantly, she had Layla’s shoes on. ¬†So I knew we could probably be friends.

We know we’re supposed to be here and God graciously continues to confirm that. ¬†We’re starting to feel at home, starting to make friends and get connected, and starting to put down roots.