Home Shopping


I’ve been getting really excited to move into our own place.  Do I enjoy living with Bryan’s parents and not paying rent?  Yes and YES, but it keeps me from feeling settled.

We looked at an apartment on Sunday that was a stone’s throw away from my office.  The apartment was decent, rather small, poor lighting, but in good shape.  And I dreamed of being able to walk to work instead of buying a second car right away.

We’re trying not to rush though.  This is the one time we have a chance to be picky about where we live as we have no lease that’s about to be up.  So we didn’t move forward on the apartment.  Back to square one.

The apartment we’re looking at tomorrow is in Des Moines, WA.  It’s so weird.  I wouldn’t even consider looking there at first.  What’s worse, is that I found out Washintonians pronounce the “s” on the end of “Moines.”  If we move there, I’m going to make it my personal mission to pronounce Des Moines correctly (Deh Moyn) until everyone in Washington also pronounces it correctly.  All I’m saying that if everyone in Iowa pronounces their capitol city one way, it’s probably the right way.  (And this is why I’m going to have no friends here.  Sorry, Washington, but you’re wrong on this one)

Anyway, I really wish my friend Gig could just come here and find me an adorable, affordable apartment with good light and lots of wood trim and we’d be set.

I’ll keep you updated, friends, if you keep me in your prayers.  I really hate apartment shopping.