see ya later, #19.


i’ve got a rotten tooth. you can see the cute little swell on the side of my gums. sick.

i went to the dentist on tuesday, and they didn’t tell me anything i didn’t already know (because there are three dental students in our connection group and they know what’s up). the verdict is that i’m getting this sucker ripped out next thursday.┬ásuper fun.

tooth #19 is my arch-nemesis. almost as soon as it grew in when i was a kid, a huge cavity formed, for no apparent reason. so i got a filling. then, when i was 18, the existing tooth around the filling just broke off when i was at a barbecue with some friends. cute. so i had a root canal, refilled the tooth, and put a nice crown on top of all of that. and now, 5 years later, the infection is back with a vengeance and the dentist recommended that we don’t give the tooth any more chances. and although i’m pretty sure it’s a heck of a lot more expensive to get an implant, i’m pretty convinced it will be better in the long run.