winter got a fall out of me.


right now, it’s 57 degrees. and the high for today is 66. thus i’ve declared it, “no coat day.” and “the first day of no more winter.”

but, mother nature got me yesterday, and she got me good. she probably knew full well that yesterday was the last day of winter and she just couldn’t let me get away without a good, hearty winter fall.

the fall was short and sweet, a little too short and sweet. i got out of my car after running an errand and then i was on the ground. i seriously didn’t even feel myself slip so my hands didn’t work to catch me at all, i was just face down, sore, and unable to see because my glasses had flown off my face and it was sort of dark.

i now have four knee caps, because i have huge welts on both of my original knee caps. i even iced them down last night, which is hilarious in it of itself because i’ve never had to ice anything in my life because i never work out/exercise/play sports. and i’m sore all over, once again, not because i tried┬áto be sore for good and healthy┬áreasons, but because i have the worst balance and reflexes of anyone ever existing.

thank you winter, for reminding that i suck as a human being.