spring break adventure


last week, i had a great week of work. i got so much done, was rarely interrupted (due to spring break), and just generally felt well rested.

to celebrate, my sweet friend kaylee and i went on a “spontaneous” road trip on friday and saturday. this little trip was exactly what the doctor ordered. it was so incredibly relaxing to just be away from everything and to have no real plans for the weekend except to have fun and hang out with each other.

some highlights of the weekend:

  • ikea. enough said.
  • spontaneous stop at the quilt shop where it just so happened that a charter bus of ladies was also stopped and they even had a cheese ball to celebrate. 
  • two new cute dresses (and a really memorable story that goes along with them)
  • uptown exploration: urban outfitters, calling “aunt sue” to get a good tea suggestion, saying we should take pictures of everything and not taking any. 
  • crafty planet! a super wonderful craft shop, where i got needle felting supplies and kaylee got super cute sushi fabric
  • finding a really cute scarf and a vintage suitcase at great prices. 
  • hanging out with kaylee all weekend long, and lovin’ every minute of it. 
  • the weather was 75 and sunny-couldn’t have asked for a greater gift from God!
  • neither one of us cried all weekend long!
hooray for friends, roadtrips, and fun.