busy bees…or busy alsburees


it is a good thing i love to organize. more specifically it is a good thing for BRYAN, that i love to organize. i just organized and mapped out our schedules for the next few months on the handy dandy gmail calendar (i love that thing, it’s freakin’ amazing!).

after a really crazy semester last year and bryan forgetting almost everything he was committed to, i took it upon my self to take over his schedule this semester. i’m practically his wife right?

bryan’s not very organized and doesn’t have a very good memory. i love these things about him because i’m the exact opposite. he definitely helps me relax when i freak out about every single detail of life. however, there is a point when other people count on a certain degree of organization. he’s committed to two main ministries, Salt worship team, and the Anthem Band (which is basically just an extension of Salt worship team) and then he has bible study. On top of that, him and i have certain commitments too, we greet at church once a month, we have our connection group, and this semester we have our engagement class.

last semester, his band mates sent him a schedule for the entire semester but he accidentally forgot about and was surprised almost every time he had some sort of practice. whoops.

thus the wife takes over.

i’m so awesome at organizing schedules! this morning, i hacked into bryan’s email, got the schedule for this semester and put it all on my gmail calendar (of course in a different color then my events, with another color for things we have as a couple). i figured out when bryan would have to switch his saturday shifts for work and reminded him of some more upcoming things he had to do.

after completely noting everything he has going on until may, and having already noted my stuff, i was able to send my mom some good weekends for one of our wedding showers in which both bryan and i will be present.

but basically, we’re insanely busy. you can look at our google calendar to see the evidence. we’ll probably be this busy until….we die, probably.

the moral of the story is: at least i get to have fun organizing our busy lives! : )

2 thoughts on “busy bees…or busy alsburees

  1. and i love you YOU jeska! you haven’t written anything in a while, i’ve been waiting. also, i’ve totally become addicted to post secret because of you. some of those things are so funny!

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