this year.


we can finally say it, we are finally there. the homestretch, the finale, the last five minutes of the longest movie ever (Merlin).


sure sure, we’re not married yet, but after 9 months of being engaged, we’re as good as there. we can finally say “this year”. oh goodness, this is awesome.

so, i think we’re going to start blogging. as a couple. or, at least, i’m going to start blogging for us as a couple for you to read as a person, or a couple i guess. whatever you want. yeah. ok.

sweet. this year. this year this year this year, i can’t say it enough. get ready for the coolest wedding ever. and get even more ready for the coolest new family ever. the alsburys. yeah! get your canned food and hook up your house with some solar panels, it’s y2k all over again. THIS year!

2008 was great but 2009 is gonna be FINE!