16 things…


I got tagged in a note by Carrie to do this, so why not?

16 random things about LisaGrace:

1: I will be engaged longer than Bryan and I even dated officially.
2: All but two of couples we know of (and I’m going to estimate about 20) that have gotten engaged after us, have gotten/are getting married before us. Good for them!
3: I’ve had a full-time career for three years and I’m only 20.5 years old.
4: I had a very lucrative and steady career as a babysitter starting at the age of eleven.
5: I have 31 first cousins, 4 first cousins by marriage, and 3 first cousins once removed.
6: I love vegetables but don’t prefer fruit. (while Bryan is just the opposite)
7: I’ve always had a love for reading, and have been able to exercise this much in the last two years.
8: I have horrible vision.
9: Bryan and I already have our kids’ names picked out agreed upon (That is if we have two boys and a girl).
10: One of my favorite hobbies is writing short stories and imagining children’s book ideas.
11: I love American Literature and American History, I feel rather overly patriotic to my country when I say that not a ton of other lit and history interests me, but I just naturally feel a strong connection to the authors and events of America.
12: I love following rules.
13: I think it’s hilarious that ‘discipling’ is totally not a word, but so many people use it.
14: I really wanted a gmail account last february, but I knew if I signed up for one, I didn’t want to change my email for a really long time. So I got a gmail: lisagracealsbury@gmail.com. No, I was not engaged to Bryan yet.
15: I think some people think I’m overdramatic. I think people have stopped listening to me for this reason.
16: I am at work right now.