16 things…


I got tagged in a note by Carrie to do this, so why not?

16 random things about LisaGrace:

1: I will be engaged longer than Bryan and I even dated officially.
2: All but two of couples we know of (and I’m going to estimate about 20) that have gotten engaged after us, have gotten/are getting married before us. Good for them!
3: I’ve had a full-time career for three years and I’m only 20.5 years old.
4: I had a very lucrative and steady career as a babysitter starting at the age of eleven.
5: I have 31 first cousins, 4 first cousins by marriage, and 3 first cousins once removed.
6: I love vegetables but don’t prefer fruit. (while Bryan is just the opposite)
7: I’ve always had a love for reading, and have been able to exercise this much in the last two years.
8: I have horrible vision.
9: Bryan and I already have our kids’ names picked out agreed upon (That is if we have two boys and a girl).
10: One of my favorite hobbies is writing short stories and imagining children’s book ideas.
11: I love American Literature and American History, I feel rather overly patriotic to my country when I say that not a ton of other lit and history interests me, but I just naturally feel a strong connection to the authors and events of America.
12: I love following rules.
13: I think it’s hilarious that ‘discipling’ is totally not a word, but so many people use it.
14: I really wanted a gmail account last february, but I knew if I signed up for one, I didn’t want to change my email for a really long time. So I got a gmail: lisagracealsbury@gmail.com. No, I was not engaged to Bryan yet.
15: I think some people think I’m overdramatic. I think people have stopped listening to me for this reason.
16: I am at work right now.

2 thoughts on “16 things…

  1. um, hello. and welcome to blogger, apparently. i feel so out of the loop…so, with your love for american history, do you think this election has been as truly historical as everyone says it is?

  2. that’s a great question, paige awesome van voorst. hmmm…i don’t know. certainly the first black man being elected is an extremely progressive step for america, even though Obama doesn’t really socially represent the “discriminated” group of african-americans. however, i think there is a difference between treating Obama as a historically important figure, which of course he is, and treating him the way people are treating him, which is closer to that of a god. it’s my personal opinion that he’s getting a little more glory and attention than need be as a president. perhaps he’ll shake some things up in the next four years, but the fact of the matter is that the president of the united states is simply a man who’s been chosen to represent our nation, he’s (Obama, nor anyone else) is neither savior, nor hero, nor anything but a man. and i don’t believe we (by we i mean many in this nation, not myself personally) are treating as much more than he or any president is/has been.

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