auntie LisaGrace and uncle Bryan! wahoo!


i call myself an ‘aunt’ to a lot of children, mainly atticus van voorst and the witthoeft children. but now bryan and i are going to REALLY be an aunt and an uncle and i couldn’t be more excited!

my brother luke and his girlfriend diana are due in august with the first official duvick grandbaby! (i say official because we ALL count atticus as a part of our family, but you know…)

i hope its a boy, i don’t know why. but i don’t really care. i’m just excited! bryan is totally going to be crazy uncle bryan! i really did want to be an aunt before i was a mom! i’m so blessed!

wow. my thoughts are really scatterbrained because i’m so excited.

but anyway, that’s the exciting news. on a related note, it got bryan and i talking about when his sister was going to have kids. they are going to have the cuuuuuttttest kids, little half-indian babys. i’m so excited.

maybe i just love babies. yep. i love babies and i’m going to have one in my family soon. : )

3 thoughts on “auntie LisaGrace and uncle Bryan! wahoo!

  1. Yeah, we were in the area! I did love it 🙂 We stayed in Rogers but went around to all the different cities in the area.I actually saw you coming into Biolife as I was leaving on Monday! 🙂

  2. oh,’s all just a mess. he’s very charming. and i get charmed until i get sucked in to the good parts and then i get trapped in all of his bad parts. i just … i really just think we’re not ever going to be together. which is okay. i mean, if that’s the case, then God has something better planned, you know? but at the same time it’s just frustrating when you like someone so much, despite your better judgments and their bad qualities, and yet you still know it will never work. i hate pulling him back and forth. he told me again last night that he loved me, which *naturally* made me angry. i told him i had too many things to worry about without having to think i’m rejecting his love again. (we dated previously for a few months.) rawr. it’s all just dumb. he can’t provide for me or a family in the way i’d like, spiritually he’s still a disaster even after buying a new bible, the mess with his 4 y/o daughter is still confusing and removing all of that nonsense, he still lives in portland,’s all just a mess. i just wish i wasn’t so easily charmed. it’s hard not to get involved with someone who constantly tells you how great you are, and knows your insides and out and yet likes you anyway. but God is good. and God is enough. if i never get married, to him or otherwise, then God is enough. if my whole life falls apart and is a disaster (as it so seemingly is currently) it’s okay. God is enough. I don’t need friends, or babies, or boyfriends or husbands. my heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.thank you for praying. and please, don’t stop. i love you very much. thanks for even reading. it’s nice to know that there’s someone listening in the great cosmic internet void.

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