don’t mess with my family ANYMORE, winter!


it’s on.
i’ve never hated winter more.
now, just to clear some things up, would NOT be writing this entry if it were just a typical 20 below winter day in Iowa. i’ve lived in Iowa my whole life, and i’m not about to complain about it’s winter weather habits.
but this is NOT a normal 20 below winter day. i’m ticked off at the winter today, because it went too far, and messed with my family. well, he’s not my family yet, but pretty soon, if the winter doesn’t freeze him to death first, it’s just gonna be me and bryan and we’re going to be a family.
here’s the wrap-up:
bryan went to band practice for the salt company last night and on his way home, he hit something and got a flat tire. (we think there may be some construction debri in the church parking lot because Jesse Antelman, the worship leader also got a flat) he pulled over on I-35 and attempted to change his tire. however, the tire was somehow stuck on there and he couldn’t get it off. unfortunately, bryan had forgotten his cellphone. he proceeded to try to flag people down. apparently iowa folk forget to be nice when the actual temp is -13 degrees. no one stopped to help. he thought he saw a familiar location and began walking toward it, but became completely lost and in the middle of a snow covered field with snow up to his waist. he just kept walking until he found a building with the door unlocked. he went inside and asked for a phone to use.
he called me when i was sleeping and i didn’t pick up the phone because i usually don’t when i don’t recognize the number. but he called again and i picked him up. he asked if i could pick him up and gave me the info. (he was near the coke plant, which is pretty close to barilla-i still have NO idea how he got there, but a put a map to kind-of show it)
i proceeded to cry and yell at him for forgetting his phone and such. it was scary. i got him to my apartment, loaded my burma blanket and various other comforters on top of him and let him sleep in my bed for the night. i also got him some hot chocolate, but he didn’t drink much. i thouroughly checked his ears, nose, hands and feet for frostbite and found none, after rubbing his feet and hands, i went to sleep on the couch.
i woke up at six and when he told me he was still cold, i freaked out again. i wanted to take him to the hospital but he suggested i call first nurse so i did. she asked me a bunch of questions but said there wasn’t much a risk for hypothermia at this point, and confirmed what i thought frostbite looked like. bryan should be fine, he might just get a wicked cold.
and Drew Hoppenworth helped him get his tire off which was amazing. we love drew, single women out there, drew is the most servant-hearted, extremely knowledgable gentlemen you’ll ever know. he’s always helping us (and everyone else, for that matter) with whatever he can. and he can help with a lot.

so that’s the story, bryan got a new tire for not too expensive today and he called in sick for work and skipped class. he’ll probably still play at salt tonight. his feet hurt still, but he said he’s feeling a lot better.

thanks for prayers, they were totally effective. shout out to morgan who totally calmed me down last night by reaching out to my worried soul. i love that woman.

5 thoughts on “don’t mess with my family ANYMORE, winter!

  1. drew’s generosity has been duly noted, even before you wrote this. he helped me with my car battery when it constantly died over and over again in the cold–he is a good man! 🙂

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