Make Week


photo credit: simple mom

I have Gilmore Girls Season 5, disc 1 (from netflix) sitting on top of my entertainment center. Bryan and I have been watching Friday Night Lights Season 3 on Netflix Instant Watch. We watch LOST every Tuesday. We watch the Office and Parks & Recreation every week. I watch Project Runway every week. Bryan plays video games 4-6 days out of the week. We watch at least 2 movies a week.

If ever we had an addiction as a family, this is it.

Usually, when Simple Mom writes a new post, I feel like she’s writing it for me. This afternoon, as I read her blog about Make Week, I was sure she was writing for me.

We need to cut some of this crap out of our lives.

I talked to Bryan about it almost immediately when he got home. He totally agreed and we decided we would go all week without turning on our TV.

Within an hour, we wanted to go back on our commitment. Pathetic, eh? We sat there, having no idea what to do, because we didn’t really feel like anything BUT watching TV. As we discussed our pathetic-ness, we discovered that we don’t know how to relax without the TV. Bryan didn’t want to read, I didn’t want to organize, we didn’t feel like going on a walk (on this perfectly gorgeous day). These are all perfectly relaxing things-but we wanted to veg!

Thankfully, after sitting around staring at each other, we finally got up and did something.

So far *this [make] week* we’ve been pretty productive.

We purged our bookshelves, our video game boxes, our storage boxes, our records and our board games and started our garage sale pile. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

I finally made some adorable dividers for my mini management notebook (more on that later) which totally motivates me to use the cute dividers to open it up more and use it!

I’m blogging right now, and I’m going to menu plan these last two weeks of April as well tonight! And I’ll STILL get to bed before 11pm!

Bryan mostly read Mere Christianity tonight and now he’s picking out healthy recipes.

In conclusion, Alsbury’s-ONE, TV-ZERO!

Until tomorrow!

Productivity Day


Well, I’m home for another snow day. I think I’ve had 5 snow days so far this winter-this weather is relentless!

On the bright side, I finished Gilmore Girls Season 2 yesterday so I have no choice but to be productive. Which is stellar, because my home could really use a deep clean:

To Do:
-List last updated at 8:54pm-
Work Out*
Clean Living Room
Clean Kitchen
Sweep Kitchen Floor
Clean Stove
Clean Microwave
Make Bed
Clean Bathroom
Finish Laundry
Chop Lettuce
Chop Broccoli
Cook Chicken
Make Beer Bread
Make Bacon Bacon Dip
Make Dinner
Watch LOST

DONE and DONE! Hooray for productivity!

*By the way, I’m so excited I just have to share! I’ve finally getting into a manageable work out routine! I worked out twice last week and once the week before. This week I’ll easily get to work out twice again. But the especially exciting news is that I’ve lost 6lb. in the last month! WOOHOO! I want to keep this trend going!

2010 Theme


My theme for 2010 is simply this:

be diligent

I stumbled upon this amazing word when I was “designing” my daily to-do list. I was trying to think of something to inspire me to get things done, in a smart way. I thought of the word, “diligent” but I went to look it up to see if it really described what I needed to see everyday.

diligent [dil-i-juh nt] – adj.

1. constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything: a diligent student.
2. done or pursued with persevering attention; painstaking: a diligent search of the files.

Yep, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I just love that first line, “constant effort to accomplish something.”

At first glance, it may look like my new goal is to be a busybody, I can see you’re point: She wants to constantly be doing things?

On the contrary, I want constant accomplishments. This year, I don’t want to just get things done, I want all my work to reach toward a higher goal, an accomplishment if you will. While my tasks for the day may simply be making a meal, doing the laundry or organizing the bathroom cabinet, my accomplishment for the day is serving my husband. While another set of tasks may be to call an old friend, text a few high school kids, and hang out with my little sister, my accomplishment is encouraging people I love.

As a woman who know the wonders of the Word of God, I searched for the word diligent in the Bible. I found these fitting verses:

“Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life an your doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.” –I Timothy 4:15-16

What a beautiful mantra for my life!

So that’s my theme for 2010!

This is what my Daily Task List looks like, you can click the picture to view it full-size.
(You’ll notice the definition and the verse in the top box)

menu plan monday


Monday: Pizza Balls & Salad

Tuesday: Scalloped Potatoes & Sausage

Wednesday: Taco Quiche & Corn

Thursday: Meat Loaf & Green Beans

*Bryan has yet another retreat this weekend, so I’ll be home trying to eat up all the leftovers!

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Chicken Caesar Salad

I’m very excited for this weeks menu, yum-town!

I’m going to post a few recipes soon, hopefully my mom will give me permission to post her amazing meat loaf recipe!

menu plan monday


well, we DID end up eating last week! : )

we had a date night at cafe milo on tuesday, chicken ceasar salad on wednesday, grilled paninis on thursday and chicken alfredo pizza with spinach on friday. not bad!

here’s what’s on the menu for this week:

can i just say how excited i am for cooler weather? i LOVE soups and baking. ’tis the season!

MONDAY: White Chili & Corn Bread
TUESDAY: Enchiladas & Leftover Corn Bread
WEDNESDAY: Spinach Apple Salad & Pita Bread
THURSDAY: Stuffed Manicotti
FRIDAY: Leftovers
SATURDAY: Escape 22 Connect Event Meal

happy fall!

menu plan monday?


FAIL! it’s tuesday, if you didn’t notice.

DOUBLE FAIL! bryan and i ate b-bops yesterday.

this week there are only 3 days of september, and even though i have meals planned through tomorrow, i’ve been less then inspired.

so, yeah. today, i’m probably just going to make something up for dinner.

next week will be better.

dr. wife to the rescue!


earlier this week, after bryan was complaining about frequenting headaches and not sleeping very well, i battled the desire to be impatient and unmerciful to my husband. and by battled i mean completely lost the battle with hardly a fight. i was tired of his complaints, especially because i couldn’t fix his problems. especially because we had already spent hundreds of dollars to try to fix the headaches. so why didn’t he just buck up already and get over his pain?
several times God spoke into my heart, “…in sickness and in health.” oh how humbled i need to be! i am so thankful that headaches and lack of sleep are bryan’s only sicknesses and i’m so thankful to be learning these lessons on such little things.

after my change of heart, i decided to put some effort into finding some sort of solution to bryan’s pain. i did some research and found lots of answers! i’m finally starting to take after my mom’s resourcefulness and desire to discover natural causes and cures.

it makes sense to me that if you can find a natural cause for an ailment, you should be able to find a natural cure. after i researched headaches and the causes for them, i’ve deducted that it’s probably allergy related. in an article i read, allergies that cause headaches also causes two other side-effects: sneezing and um, another side-effect which shall remain nameless. : ) bryan has experience both of those side-effects. in the same article i also found that foods that can cause the allergic reaction of headaches are:

  • milk
  • milk products
  • chocolate
  • chicken
  • liver
  • alcohol
  • strong cheese

i was amazed by the helpfulness of this information! bryan’s dad happens to be allergic to milk-just milk, not all dairy. we both think milk is the culprit. bryan, being the great guinea pig that he is, is going to take a break from drinking straight up milk for a while and see if that helps. if not, we’ll add all dairy to the list of “do not eat.” we’ll continue to work our way down the list until something changes-hopefully it does!

in the meantime, we’re going to see if some of these natural remedies help:

apparently, 3-4 slices worth of lemon juice will give you immediate relief from a headache

eating a peeled apple with a little salt in the morning on an empty stomach for about a week will cure your headaches (not so sure about this one, seems a little too good to be true. but i know that eating fruit on an empty stomach is really good for you so we’ll probably try it!)

i also looked up some natural sleep aids. there were some obvious things like cutting out caffeine and laying off the sweets before bed but one interesting thing i found was how important magnesium is. it’s a natural sedative and being magnesium deficient can directly cause insomnia. also, whole wheats can help promote sleep as well. we’re thinking we’ll try a magnesium supplement with some whole wheat toast or crackers before bed and see if that helps!

i’ll keep you posted on the results and you can always be praying for bryan’s health!

menu plan monday


here’s what we’re eating this week!

homemade velveeta mac n’ cheese & salad

bacon pasta parmesan (yep, you did see this last week-we love this meal!)

homemade lasagna & french bread

homemade pizza (here is the pizza crust recipe i use)

Bryan is leaving me on friday to play at a retreat in KC with the rest of the Anthem Band

leftover lasagna

leftovers, clean out my fridge!

leftovers, clean out my fridge!

menu plan monday


well, i’ve finally come to point in which i’m confident enough to post what we eat for dinner every week. seriously, the first months of marriage were full of frozen pizzas and eating out.

but the month of september has been a great cooking month for me so far, so i’m excited to share with anyone who cares…

*drumroll please*


chicken ceasar salad
garlic bread

fried veggies/leftover salad

pizza soup

bacon, pasta, parmesan

broccoli quiche


grilled paninis

so that’s what we’re having. if you need any more information, let me know!

wifelike life.


a few weeks ago, i wrote a post about my dedication to being a miserly wife. but there’s much more that i know i can do to be a godly woman and wife.

my friend paige and i are taking it one month at a time.

here’s the line-up for me:

july: purposefulness
to me, this basically means i want to exercise general self-discipline in the following areas:

  • time alone with God
  • active, bold prayer
  • cleaning
  • tv watching
  • spending money
  • memorizing scripture
  • facebook

august: welcome
some ideas for this month:

  • creating a friendly environment within my home
  • loving my home by keeping it clean and user friendly
  • inviting people over (i have not done this in a loooong time)
  • challenging myself to spend more time with people then i “feel like”
  • (maybe) starting a woman’s group on saturday mornings-still praying about this but are their any takers? just out of curiosity?

september: taking the sabbath seriously
i’m still not entirely sure how i feel about this one. paige and i talked about it a little and i definitely agree i need to work on this area of my life but i’m still trying to figure out what exactly the sabbath needs to look like in my life. sometimes i call the days i spend watching tv with bryan all day “my sabbath”, but i don’t think that’s exactly what God’s getting at. then i got the idea that my sabbath is actually the day i get the most stuff done as far as preparing for the week goes, but i’m not sure that’s it either. i’ll take any comments you’ll give.

october: streamlining
not sure if this is the right word, but basically i want to “deal with today’s problems today.” and have a life that is somewhat predictable and efficient. ok, so that sounds incredibly boring when i put it like that. but i want to “streamline” my home so that things don’t get so piled up. i want to have systems in place for the laundry, the mail, meal times, and things like that. i feel that this will both honor my husband and keep me from going crazy.

i’m not sure about the next 8 months (we’re trying to do this for a year) but i’ll keep you posted.

so how am i doing?

july update: purposefulness

  • time alone with God: definitely been particularly discplined in this area. last week, i spent time with God 5 out of seven days and this week i’m 4-0, ready to finish out strong with 7 out of 7. this is not to boast, but to rejoice. june was a “good” month when i spent time with him about 6 times total.
  • active, bold prayer: i’ve seen God work in a few awesome ways. another positive result of solid prayer time: i find myself actively encouraging others according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit-something i haven’t been in the habit of for at least 4 years.
  • cleaning: overall, not the best but i am more determined at tidying up after myself and husband. i’ll work on that more in august! : )
  • tv watching: also a work in progress, but their have been some significant improvements such as not turning on the tv as soon as i get home from work.
  • spending money: i actually just added this to the list because i realized that i’m not very purposeful with the money i have to spend. sure, i have stayed within budget, but i’m not sure where all the money is going. i have yet to come in under budget and would like to work towards that.
  • memorizing scripture: paige and i have almost 2 1/2 chapters of galatians memorized! my challenge will be to begin memorizing before the night before i have to say it to paige.
  • facebook: no improvement. work in progress?