wifelike life.


a few weeks ago, i wrote a post about my dedication to being a miserly wife. but there’s much more that i know i can do to be a godly woman and wife.

my friend paige and i are taking it one month at a time.

here’s the line-up for me:

july: purposefulness
to me, this basically means i want to exercise general self-discipline in the following areas:

  • time alone with God
  • active, bold prayer
  • cleaning
  • tv watching
  • spending money
  • memorizing scripture
  • facebook

august: welcome
some ideas for this month:

  • creating a friendly environment within my home
  • loving my home by keeping it clean and user friendly
  • inviting people over (i have not done this in a loooong time)
  • challenging myself to spend more time with people then i “feel like”
  • (maybe) starting a woman’s group on saturday mornings-still praying about this but are their any takers? just out of curiosity?

september: taking the sabbath seriously
i’m still not entirely sure how i feel about this one. paige and i talked about it a little and i definitely agree i need to work on this area of my life but i’m still trying to figure out what exactly the sabbath needs to look like in my life. sometimes i call the days i spend watching tv with bryan all day “my sabbath”, but i don’t think that’s exactly what God’s getting at. then i got the idea that my sabbath is actually the day i get the most stuff done as far as preparing for the week goes, but i’m not sure that’s it either. i’ll take any comments you’ll give.

october: streamlining
not sure if this is the right word, but basically i want to “deal with today’s problems today.” and have a life that is somewhat predictable and efficient. ok, so that sounds incredibly boring when i put it like that. but i want to “streamline” my home so that things don’t get so piled up. i want to have systems in place for the laundry, the mail, meal times, and things like that. i feel that this will both honor my husband and keep me from going crazy.

i’m not sure about the next 8 months (we’re trying to do this for a year) but i’ll keep you posted.

so how am i doing?

july update: purposefulness

  • time alone with God: definitely been particularly discplined in this area. last week, i spent time with God 5 out of seven days and this week i’m 4-0, ready to finish out strong with 7 out of 7. this is not to boast, but to rejoice. june was a “good” month when i spent time with him about 6 times total.
  • active, bold prayer: i’ve seen God work in a few awesome ways. another positive result of solid prayer time: i find myself actively encouraging others according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit-something i haven’t been in the habit of for at least 4 years.
  • cleaning: overall, not the best but i am more determined at tidying up after myself and husband. i’ll work on that more in august! : )
  • tv watching: also a work in progress, but their have been some significant improvements such as not turning on the tv as soon as i get home from work.
  • spending money: i actually just added this to the list because i realized that i’m not very purposeful with the money i have to spend. sure, i have stayed within budget, but i’m not sure where all the money is going. i have yet to come in under budget and would like to work towards that.
  • memorizing scripture: paige and i have almost 2 1/2 chapters of galatians memorized! my challenge will be to begin memorizing before the night before i have to say it to paige.
  • facebook: no improvement. work in progress?

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