Productivity Day


Well, I’m home for another snow day. I think I’ve had 5 snow days so far this winter-this weather is relentless!

On the bright side, I finished Gilmore Girls Season 2 yesterday so I have no choice but to be productive. Which is stellar, because my home could really use a deep clean:

To Do:
-List last updated at 8:54pm-
Work Out*
Clean Living Room
Clean Kitchen
Sweep Kitchen Floor
Clean Stove
Clean Microwave
Make Bed
Clean Bathroom
Finish Laundry
Chop Lettuce
Chop Broccoli
Cook Chicken
Make Beer Bread
Make Bacon Bacon Dip
Make Dinner
Watch LOST

DONE and DONE! Hooray for productivity!

*By the way, I’m so excited I just have to share! I’ve finally getting into a manageable work out routine! I worked out twice last week and once the week before. This week I’ll easily get to work out twice again. But the especially exciting news is that I’ve lost 6lb. in the last month! WOOHOO! I want to keep this trend going!

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