I live in a city



I’m sitting in my new home. A studio apartment in the corner of a 90-year-old building on the 6th floor. And I’m a little terrified. Or maybe overwhelmed is a better word? Intimidated, maybe? But also a little giddy and incredulous that I have this opportunity.

It wasn’t too long ago that we moved from Iowa…where the largest city is more than three times smaller than Seattle and I didn’t even live there, I lived in Iowa “City” which is about nine times smaller than Seattle.

I don’t really know that it’s the size of the city that matters. It’s maybe more that I haven’t yet known how I fit in out here in the West, and I certainly don’t know how I fit in a rather large, notably cool city.

We’ve moved four times to three different areas around the Sound since we moved here from Iowa a little over two years ago. We’ve been involved in two churches in three different areas. We’ve made very few friends. These are all probable factors to my overwhelm.

Rest assured, I’m thrilled that we have an opportunity to take this leap and make this adventurous choice of city life. It’s not comfortable, but it is incredible. And a little wild. I will say this, there is no way I’d be this adventurous if I wasn’t completely confident in who I am as Bryan’s wife. He anchors me, however cliche that sounds. And I’m so glad I’m doing this with him.

I think I really want to settle in here; in this tiny apartment in this big city. And I think I’m going to have more to say.

In the meantime, I’m going to catch my breath, spend some time with Jesus and start unpacking boxes.