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I have Gilmore Girls Season 5, disc 1 (from netflix) sitting on top of my entertainment center. Bryan and I have been watching Friday Night Lights Season 3 on Netflix Instant Watch. We watch LOST every Tuesday. We watch the Office and Parks & Recreation every week. I watch Project Runway every week. Bryan plays video games 4-6 days out of the week. We watch at least 2 movies a week.

If ever we had an addiction as a family, this is it.

Usually, when Simple Mom writes a new post, I feel like she’s writing it for me. This afternoon, as I read her blog about Make Week, I was sure she was writing for me.

We need to cut some of this crap out of our lives.

I talked to Bryan about it almost immediately when he got home. He totally agreed and we decided we would go all week without turning on our TV.

Within an hour, we wanted to go back on our commitment. Pathetic, eh? We sat there, having no idea what to do, because we didn’t really feel like anything BUT watching TV. As we discussed our pathetic-ness, we discovered that we don’t know how to relax without the TV. Bryan didn’t want to read, I didn’t want to organize, we didn’t feel like going on a walk (on this perfectly gorgeous day). These are all perfectly relaxing things-but we wanted to veg!

Thankfully, after sitting around staring at each other, we finally got up and did something.

So far *this [make] week* we’ve been pretty productive.

We purged our bookshelves, our video game boxes, our storage boxes, our records and our board games and started our garage sale pile. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

I finally made some adorable dividers for my mini management notebook (more on that later) which totally motivates me to use the cute dividers to open it up more and use it!

I’m blogging right now, and I’m going to menu plan these last two weeks of April as well tonight! And I’ll STILL get to bed before 11pm!

Bryan mostly read Mere Christianity tonight and now he’s picking out healthy recipes.

In conclusion, Alsbury’s-ONE, TV-ZERO!

Until tomorrow!

One thought on “Make Week

  1. If you're inclined to donate your garage sale items to a good cause, there's the Escape 22 sale coming up soon at Cornerstone but also a friend of mine is having a sale to benefit an orphanage in Africa. 🙂

    Anne P

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