the response


i absolutely LOVED the response i got from my post about going insane. i thought you’d enjoy some highlights from my week [it’s still incredibly weird to get a real-life response to my blog, rather than an internet one, but hey, keep it coming, i’m glad you read]

tuesday night at salt:
my friend emily tells me she saw my post on facebook [“i haven’t had a meltdown…YET”], but didn’t read the blog and asks me how i’m doing.
i say, “oh i just wrote about how bryan is leaving me for the summer…” and i’m down, as in, tears are welling in my eyes as students call out my name asking to register for the Salt Retreat. i escape to the bathroom and try to control myself.

wednesday night at craft night:
i’m knitting with gig, victoria, and kaylee. victoria notes the blog and asks me how i’m doing. i talk about it a little bit and joke about my line about constantly being on the verge of tears at all times. the room gets kind-of quiet and victoria so adorably points out, “oh, you’re crying now…”
“yep, i am” i respond and proceed to cry it out.

thursday morning at work:
one of our elders passes by my desk on his way out the door, and says, “i read your blog, that was HILARIOUS, but very true, so we’ll be praying for you.” his good sense of humor and compassion almost made me cry again.

on friday, i was finally able to talk about the impending east asia trip without crying, which was super nice. thanks for all the love and support, my friends, you’ve proved yourself thus far.

and for the cynics out there, NO, it wasn’t hormones. sometimes a girl can cry without that particular excuse.

One thought on “the response

  1. i've had those days too.
    come may/june, if you need somebody to be in your “significant other is gone” club, i'll hang out with you. we can watch movies and eat ice cream.
    i'm glad you're my friend.

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