the women


well, i have absolutely no subjects for a hilarious blog. so in the interim, you get to read a spiritual one.

i was reading matthew one last week as per my bible read-thru plan. as i was reading through the genealogy of Jesus, and i was really struck by the mention of women. i’ve often heard it mentioned as a curious thing as genealogies are always stated through the male line, and it’s rare that women are mentioned at all. but this is not what struck me.

as my eyes scanned each woman’s name, i thought of each of their stories. tamar, rahab, ruth, bathsheba, mary…each a totally different woman, with a totally different background. i was especially thoughtful of tamar, ruth and bathsheba.

tamar’s story is, to be blunt, messed up. in short, she dresses as a prostitute so her father-in-law will impregnate her. but in more detail, her father-in-law [Judah, son of Jacob] had deprived her of really her only rights as a woman back then: to bear children. so what does she do to keep her rights as a woman? she tricks her father-in-law so that she may bear a child from his family. you can read the full story here.

this woman is in the line of jesus.

ruth’s story is amazing, actually. it is very much the opposite of tamar. her husband dies, and she responds rightly in spite of her pain. she comforts her mother-in-law [who is a widower herself] by selflessly giving up her life and following naomi and the one true god. in the midst of this, god rewards her for her selflessness with a husband, boaz and also children by him.

this woman is in the line of jesus.

the story of bathsheba simply makes me furious. i get so mad at king david, a so-called “man of god.” [not that he wasn’t, but this story is not a good example of his godliness]. king david “takes” her, gets her pregnant, and kills her husband out of guilt. it’s just infuriating to me. but god makes the most sinful and unfair things into purposeful ones and bathsheba gives birth to solomon.

this woman is in the line of jesus.

revisiting these three stories caused me to reflect on who our god is and what his character is like. he is perfect, he is just, he is merciful, and he is all-knowing. even when life seems completely unfair because your husbands are evil and you can’t have children, or your husband dies and you choose to give up everything, or when a king kills your husband to have you, god has a purpose for your life. and the result of these women’s suffering was that they were honored to be in the line of jesus, the savior of the world.

pretty amazing, right?

2011 Tools [Budget]


In 2011, our main financial goal is to pay cash for Bryan’s last year [YAY!!!!!!!] of college. This semester is paid for, thanks to a whopping scholarship, bryan’s awesome grandparents and some savings.

We were blessed to start out the new year with over $1,000 in our emergency fund [thanks mom and dad alsbury!], a completely fixed car [we had some non-emergency things to fix totalling about $600], and one months of expenses in our checking account. i love starting the year out right.

We have also revamped our budget a little bit this year, which I’m very excited about. We’re focusing on our sinking funds, so that all those little things we have to pay for throughout the year don’t catch us by surprise and drain our emergency fund.

i thought that some of you would appreciate seeing what our budget looks like, for either the purpose of being nosy or the purpose of knowing how to start your own. [either way is fine with me, but i do hope you have your own budget or will be inspired to start your own!]


between my three jobs and bryan’s plasma money, we make about $2,350 before taxes. our taxes are about $350, so this budget is based off of $2,000 in income each month.

let me know if you have any questions!

ipod touch case


Bryan’s 60gb classic ipod broke a while back and after some saving up and some christmas money, he decided to purchase a 64gb ipod touch. we found out that classic ipods have moving parts in them and that those parts can wear down-thus the ipod breaking. the ipod touch doesn’t have moving parts, so our idea was that this ipod could potentially last a long long time.

i hope i never say “ipod” that many times again. sorry.

the only thing that can be a bit fragile is the screen. so, in light of the fact that bryan will be carrying this new toy around with him everywhere he goes, i thought i’d whip up a case for him to carry it in.

i just used some scrap fabric and batting i had and measured it against the ipod. each piece was about 5″x14″

i got this iron-on set for Christmas and bryan found the awesome chemistry-set-cooking-up-music thing you see above. it’s not as vibrant as i hoped, but still has a cool effect!

2011 Tools [Menu Planner]


I recently “splurged” on myself with a one year subscription to real simple magazine. [ok, so it wasn’t really a splurge considering I ordered it on for $10 which I paid for with free giftcards from swagbucks.]


I received the issue for january a while back and it contained the above page in it. When I saw it, I thought, this is my kind-of menu planner. [you can download the pdf here]

no more forgetting that one ingredient.

no more prancing around the different sections of the grocery store because my list is all jumbled.

no more running out of room on my piece of scratch paper that my list is on.

and on top of that, it’s cute!

2011 Tools [Bible Read Thru Plan]


Although I didn’t complete this last year, I LOVED this Bible Read-thru plan and will be doing it again this year. Thanks, Paige!

Some things I love about it are:

  • Each month only has 25 reading days, so if you miss a day, you automatically have “catch-up days.” Amazing.
  • You’re in the gospels ALL year. Talk about getting to know Jesus a little better.
  • For some reason it’s that type of reading plan that really make me want to read ahead, which is a good thing!


PS: Comment if you want me to email the PDF to you!

twentyeleven goals


some essentially immeasurable goals
be more hilarious.
[by writing intentionally humorous blogs mostly]

be more adventurous.
[by traveling spontaneously at least once this year]

be more creative.
[by having ‘craft time’ once a week]

be more ambitious.
[by starting the rough sketch of my novel idea]

be more shrewd.
[by having products and a business plan for an etsy shop by the end of the year]

some more measurable goals
complete one craft-project a week

blog 3 times a week [156 blogs in 2011]

send birthday cards to everyone in my [immediate] family

have a party of people over once a month

complete a bible read-thru plan [still haven’t accomplished this one in my lifetime]

read 20+ books

make dessert twice a month

make adorable christmas stockings

learn photoshop

drink more water [as opposed to the barely none that i drink now]

[to be continued]