2011 Tools [Budget]


In 2011, our main financial goal is to pay cash for Bryan’s last year [YAY!!!!!!!] of college. This semester is paid for, thanks to a whopping scholarship, bryan’s awesome grandparents and some savings.

We were blessed to start out the new year with over $1,000 in our emergency fund [thanks mom and dad alsbury!], a completely fixed car [we had some non-emergency things to fix totalling about $600], and one months of expenses in our checking account. i love starting the year out right.

We have also revamped our budget a little bit this year, which I’m very excited about. We’re focusing on our sinking funds, so that all those little things we have to pay for throughout the year don’t catch us by surprise and drain our emergency fund.

i thought that some of you would appreciate seeing what our budget looks like, for either the purpose of being nosy or the purpose of knowing how to start your own. [either way is fine with me, but i do hope you have your own budget or will be inspired to start your own!]


between my three jobs and bryan’s plasma money, we make about $2,350 before taxes. our taxes are about $350, so this budget is based off of $2,000 in income each month.

let me know if you have any questions!

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