twentyeleven goals


some essentially immeasurable goals
be more hilarious.
[by writing intentionally humorous blogs mostly]

be more adventurous.
[by traveling spontaneously at least once this year]

be more creative.
[by having ‘craft time’ once a week]

be more ambitious.
[by starting the rough sketch of my novel idea]

be more shrewd.
[by having products and a business plan for an etsy shop by the end of the year]

some more measurable goals
complete one craft-project a week

blog 3 times a week [156 blogs in 2011]

send birthday cards to everyone in my [immediate] family

have a party of people over once a month

complete a bible read-thru plan [still haven’t accomplished this one in my lifetime]

read 20+ books

make dessert twice a month

make adorable christmas stockings

learn photoshop

drink more water [as opposed to the barely none that i drink now]

[to be continued]

3 thoughts on “twentyeleven goals

  1. Kaylee

    how is this list coming along? you've got 2 months left. and how come I haven't once been invited to these once a month party of peoples? Seriously, be in my life more.

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