ipod touch case


Bryan’s 60gb classic ipod broke a while back and after some saving up and some christmas money, he decided to purchase a 64gb ipod touch. we found out that classic ipods have moving parts in them and that those parts can wear down-thus the ipod breaking. the ipod touch doesn’t have moving parts, so our idea was that this ipod could potentially last a long long time.

i hope i never say “ipod” that many times again. sorry.

the only thing that can be a bit fragile is the screen. so, in light of the fact that bryan will be carrying this new toy around with him everywhere he goes, i thought i’d whip up a case for him to carry it in.

i just used some scrap fabric and batting i had and measured it against the ipod. each piece was about 5″x14″

i got this iron-on set for Christmas and bryan found the awesome chemistry-set-cooking-up-music thing you see above. it’s not as vibrant as i hoped, but still has a cool effect!

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