one giant leap!


yesterday, i wrote a check.

it was for $742.31.

it will give me and my husband entire ownership of our 2006 ford focus!


by the blessing of His hand, we were able to pay off one of our cars 1 year and 9 months ahead of schedule. i’m not sure how much of a savings interest-wise that is, but we’re gash-darn excited anyway!


One thought on “one giant leap!

  1. a few comments about the previous few posts:


    free stuff is certainly a blessing! ..ahem, dumpster flowers, anyone?

    i need to get cracking on my 'welcome' plan.

    i have an AWESOME recipe for whole wheat pizza crust if you want it.

    i am SO SORRY i haven't gotten started on your home management notebook…i'm a loser.

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