frugal friday:don’t refuse the free


here’s another quick lesson, if something is offered to you for free…um, TAKE IT! guess who isn’t complaining about have mostly chicken based meals this month? the alsbury’s sure aren’t!

this chicken was given to me by my boss. long story short, my company got paid in chicken for a small job we did and we’re reaping some of the reward!

evidently, somebody in our old apartment building worked at barilla (so we think)
about once a week, they would set out a box full of boxes of pasta. i took one box each week and now we have pasta for life! : )

i do want to say, that i’m trying really hard not to be a hoarder. i never want to take and save all the blessing God has showered upon our family, and i definitely count free stuff as a blessing! i’ve given many boxes of pasta away and made several dinners for other people with the above bounty. but whether it’s a free roll of toilet paper or a free 5lbs of chicken, i suggest to take it, and make the most of it!

on a related note, here’s one of my favorite freebies websites: it updates everyday. i usually find at least a few each week that i like and almost every freebie also comes with SWEET coupons that are often way better then the coupons you’ll find in an insert.