eight eyes are better then four…SUCKAS!


a couple of weeks ago, bryan went to the eye doctor. he hadn’t been in a few years and he was getting really bad headaches and his vision was getting worse. he had a really low prescription so his current lenses weren’t really helping.
overall, it was a little frustrating. he has astigmatisms in both eyes and his prescription is still pretty low. basically the doctor told him he could try contacts, but they wouldn’t improve his vision as well as glasses and because of his astigmatisms he would have to wear weighted contacts which are harder to get in. bryan managed to try the contacts out, but they didn’t improve his vision at all. he was pretty frustrated about having to wear glasses all the time.

so i decided to support him and wear glasses too! so i started wearing my glasses again and i’m actually really liking it! i’ve pretty much been a strict contacts wearer since high school but i feel smarter and more artsy with my awesome purple glasses!

and bryan’s headaches are no more! and his vision is much improved! hooray!

also, i really like saying, “suckas.”

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