frugal friday: rebates rock!


i’m dubbing august the month of rebates!

sometime in september, i’ll receive around $38 dollars in rebates! that’s almost a weeks worth of groceries for us!

the best part? i haven’t gone over budget! usually i’m not so excited about rebates because you have to spend more money up front. since we’re on a budget, more money on something i don’t need is hard even if it’s free after rebate. but, due to a lot of the free stuff we’ve inherited and due to some GREAT sales these past few weeks, we’re stocked up on food for the rest of the month and still have some money leftover!

here’s something i highly recommend you take advantage of if you can:
in ames, cub foods is the only grocery store participating and right now, they have pretty decent sales on all of their kraft dairy products. here’s what i bought:

3 12oz. bags of kraft natural shredded cheese (3/$5)-$5.00
6 tubs of philidelphia cream cheese (3/$5)-$10.00
2 16oz. packages of kraft singles (2/$5)-$5.00
2 family size boxes of wheat thins ($3.79 each)-$7.58
-$5.00 off my next purchase at cub foods
-$20.00 rebate

i love free things! and i love staying under budget! more details and a shopping list are here!

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