yeah, i didn’t know how to say it either.

i gave my plasma away yesterday. and i got $20 bucks for it too.

that’s right, i jumped on the bandwagon and i started giving plasma. i’m not sure how long i’ll give, but i’m trying to bulk up the savings accounts before i get hitched.

while i’m sure that no one at the plasma center desired to show me that they loved me: as plasma pumped out of me, love pumped into me. i receive love best by words of encouragement and i was affirmed so much for my plasma giving skills that i was exploding with love when i finally walked out of there. it’s rather silly, i know, but i’m like a puppy when it comes to kind words, my tongue falls out of my mouth and i wag my tail like crazy!

“wow. you didn’t even flinch.” -the dude who poked my finger

“she’s been really brave, she hasn’t acted like anything has been weird!” -the lady who sucked my blood out.

“your pressures look really good.” -antwon, he works there but i know him from c-stone

“you’re not running weird at all, and most of our first time donors run really weird.” -again, the lady who sucked my blood out (she gave most of it back to me).

ah, it feels good to be awesome at something. : )

3 thoughts on “plasmapheresis.

  1. that’s hilarious.biolife was the last time i actually saw brian. i think that was … sometime august? it was rainy and cold. i’m not sure.anyway. i’ve officially left a comment and now i don’t feel like i’m creepin’ around your blog.

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