gut rot


i think you know the feeling that i’m about to describe, and you probably ALL have it right now. the holidays are over and you’ve eaten everything in sight for the past two weeks.

if you’re like bryan and i, not only have you eaten the traditional holiday foods (i.e. cookies, candy, christmas meals, extremely oversized breakfasts, etc)

[blog paused because i just remember i stashed some of my mom’s bon bons in the freezer]

mmm…bons bons.

anyway, not only have you eaten the traditional holiday foods, but you’ve also taken the liberty of using your extra holiday cash to indulge your every whim and those whims are actually the breeze of a restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to for months, or perhaps, a greasy fast food place that you went to last week.

oh man, do we have, how do you say “gut rot.”
when your stomach feels satisfied but also cries for pepto. when you’ve just kept eating because it all tastes so good. when you start getting a little winded walking up a flight of stairs.

we’ve spent so much time sitting around the house that we only thought it was natural to eat as much as we have. but it’s hitting me now. actually it hit me this afternoon after a double cheeseburger from bbops and a large popcorn covered in butter at the movie theatre. and it’s hitting me again as i’m eating bon bons on the couch writing this.

time to recommit to those “new years resolutions” that i (never) made and like…i don’t know…exercise?

ugh. gut rot. love the moment, hate the consequences.

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