oh money

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well, after being anxious for weeks, we finally found out if we are to receive any financial aid for this upcoming school year. we didn’t. nothing at all! i was kind-of surprised. i was so counting on it. even just a little would help. and we made a whole ten thousand dollars less than the year before and we received almost a full scholarship then.

i suppose i sound completely selfish and ungrateful right now. after all, we’ve been able to get bryan through three years of school without any loans. that’s not something a lot of people can say. but, all the same, here i am complaining about how we didn’t get any free money. boo hoo.

well, i’m only human, i guess.

so, for those of you who have been reading a while, and know that our main financial goal right now is to pay cash for college, i’ll tell you what we’re thinking. we have a little over $1,000 saved up just set aside for tuition. all of bryan’s income over the summer will also go straight into the tuition fund. thankfully, we think that should cover almost all of the first semester of tuition. we’re not sure what we’ll do for the rest. i might start giving plasma alongside bryan to earn some extra money, maybe i’ll actually sell some crafts for profit too. bryan may get a part-time job while still in school too, but i would like to avoid that if at all possible.

although it’s even less desirable, we may have to take out a loan for the second semester, but we would definitely get a loan that doesn’t accumulate any interest for six months after graduation. they still have those right? is it obvious i know nothing about student loans? we’d almost surely be able to pay it all off within 6 months, but it would set us back a bit, especially as we’ll likely need another car when bryan graduates. i don’t even want to think about coming up that money as well. arg.

if you have any encouragement for me, i’d be so thankful for it. sorry for the not so humorous post, perhaps i’ll have a sense of humor about finances soon, but i tend to take it all very seriously right now.

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goodbye late nights.


hello [super] early mornings!

remember this post? well, on january 15th i had my second interview with the owner of capanna coffee company. guess what? i have a new job!

no, no, no, contrary to popular belief, i would not kill myself by working four jobs. do you think i’m crazy? my two weeks notice is officially in at hyvee as of monday. i’m kind-of sad about it, but mostly not.

i think capanna is going to be a great fit for me because…

  • i’ll be working early morning shifts! this does mean getting up at 4-4:30am, but it also means i’ll get to have dinner with my husband and have really consistent work-from-home hours
  • i’ll be getting a pay upgrade!
  • i’ll be working with people! i already get to work with people at hyvee, i know. but the coffee shop enviroment is a different kind of people work. especially in the morning, i’ll get to know all the “regulars” and get the chance to build “deeper” relationships
  • i’ll be learning new skillz. i know my way around financial stuff, i know how to fry some darn good french fries, and i know how to check out groceries. i’m pumped to increase my skills by learning the coffee trade.
  • i’ll be working the morning shift! i’m just really excited about starting my day so early. plus, i think it will be awesome practice for children someday…just sayin’

thanks to those of who prayed for me, i felt so confident about taking the job that day. i’m excited to start in the coffee business!

so i work at HyVee…


Some of my favorite things about working at HyVee:

My co-workers are fun, they call me LG or LeGit.

A little girl was leaving my line with her mom the other day and exclaimed at the last minute, “You’re pretty!” It definitely made my daylife.

I was on ESPN! During the Penn State Game in Iowa City, ESPN did some “city shots” and I was in one of them because I was working right before the game!

SO MANY people think my name is strangest name in the world! They look at my nametag and look at me and just frown like I shouldn’t have such a weird name. I just laugh and say, my mom made it up, it is a weird name. My favorite was when one guy came up to me and asked, “Is your name Lasagna?” I laughed for 5 minutes straight.

Um, that’s all for now. But I’m thankful for such a fun job.

we are awesome


I know I’m about a month too late, but I have a boatload of old pictures to share with my blog friends anyway, so I thought I might as well share the most awesome one.

What are some alsberries to do when they don’t want to spend any money and don’t have any ideas two days before Halloween?

LisaGrace: Bryan, what should we be for Halloween?
Bryan: I don’t know a rock an a hard place? (a hint of sarcasm in his voice)
LisaGrace: hmmmm…this could work.

So with two dollars and 34 cents, stolen paper sacks, and spent creativity, we have this:

A rock and a hard place. Hilarious.

Look, here’s our friend Layla as Mrs. Fox between a rock and a hard place. tehehe…



I could tell you about the awesome lighty-uppy rainbow skywalk in Davenport, IA.

I could tell you about being able to see Illinois from our hotel.

I could tell you about the Bucktown Center for the Arts or the amazing bag I purchased there.

I could tell you about the Art & Hobby Shop. By “Art” they meant picture frames and by “Hobby” they meant one hobby, that being model train building.

I could tell you that I stole hot breakfast, when the college kids were only supposed to eat the cold muffins and danishes.

OR I could just get this song stuck in your head until Christmas:

Sabino on the Dance Floor from Veritas Church on Vimeo.

All would suffice as a summary of the retreat.

But I’d rather tell you about CHERITH (Care-ith), a special lady so much like myself that had the courage and conviction to release a huge burden off her shoulders while consequently encouraging the rest of our small group to do the same.

I’d rather tell you about the undeniable UNITY our college ministry now feels because of the brokenness and openness almost every one of us experienced on the retreat.

I’d rather tell you about the huge weight of something (bitterness? un-forgiveness? selfishness? pride? bittgivefishide? yeah that.) that was LIFTED off of my shoulders after years of being unable to give my fears to God and choose to be selfless and Christlike again.

I’d rather tell you about the TWO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS who gave their lives to Christ last weekend and are so stinking excited about it! Praise God for Sharon and Manson!

I’d rather tell you about the thousand of tears that occurred last weekend. Tears of brokenness, tears of sorrow, tears of forgiveness, tears of joy, TEARS OF FREEDOM.

What a joy it was to go on this retreat, even though I am not a college student. On Sunday morning, I could feel the freedom resonating in the room. The joy was not to be contained. It wil not be contained!