Life in Iowa City


This past month-our first month in Iowa City-has been too perfect. God definitely led us here. I’ve been working from home part-time, and have been lazy about getting a second job. However, I have applied to be a “Donut Artist,” a cashier at ALDI and a baker/cashier at K-Mart. Please pray that I could get a nights and weekends part-time job!

I love being at home during the day. But I’ll be a little honest with you, being at home all day with Bryan is a little overwhelming at times. I love my husband a whole lot, but we are not quite used to having so much time together. Let’s just say, he’s out inspecting apartments this morning, and I’m very thankful to have time to myself.
I’m currently reading this book, called You Are What You Eat and Miranda and I watched Food, Inc. the other day. Between the book and the documentary, I’m seriously challenged to start thinking more about what we eat. While I can’t make any drastic changes to our diet if I want to stay on a budget, but I think I’m going to start shopping at my local Farmer’s Market, and move forward on my plans to plant a garden next summer.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these people?
Clint and Miranda Robinson-we love you! Miranda and I lived together way back when. Today, we hang out pretty much every day, are trailer park neighbors, and are going to lead a group of Salt girls together this fall. Bonus: our husbands are awesome friends too! I call us the perfect storm of friends. We get along too well together.
My awesome cousin Lauren also lives in Iowa City and I’ve loved reconnecting with her. We’re only seven months apart, so we were always together when we were kids. Lauren is the one teaching me how to knit! She and her awesome husband Lee had this freaking-adorable baby back in December, and I have the pleasure of being his personal nanny every time they need me to! Here is Louis Cosmo Willberg in all his cuteness:
Are you kidding me with that smile? Love him!
Our house trailer has been filled with people ever since we moved in and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Sara stayed with us the day after we moved in (she was so awesome about the boxes EVERYWHERE!). My brother Mark’s future roommate here in Iowa City got a job and needed a place to stay, so Corey has been living with us for the last few weeks. I’m glad we’ve had the chance to get to know Mark’s roommate-Corey is awesome!
My kindred spirit/best friend has already come to visit me-I’m so blessed by her! Audrey and I enjoyed one of my favorite places in Iowa City so far, Artifacts. We also got to see where her brother Collin is living this fall.
My dad also visited last week and I got to go our to lunch with miss Valerie Allen this past tuesday!
I’m blessed with so many awesome people in my life!
So many people are coming to Iowa City for Veritas. It’s been so amazing and encouraging to meet the many people eager to see God work all the more in Iowa City. I’m so excited to get The Salt Company and Veritas Church up and running this fall!
Whew, that was a long post, but hopefully you feel a little caught up on our lives! I’m off to call one of my dear friends in Ames, Paige!

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