Marion the Librarian

I finally got a library card at the Iowa City Public Library. Woot!

Currently, I only want ONE book I want from the Iowa City Public Library:

They don’t have it.
So I inquired about inter-library loan. They checked it out (no pun intended) and the only libraries that have the book are AMES and Indianola. Which is unfortunate because I know that the one in Ames is checked out, and I even know WHO has it checked out right now. : )
Already getting impatient with the library, I checked out, just to see what the price was on this book. Guess what? It’s being sold new for $.49! Well, more like $4.48 because the shipping is $3.99. BUT I had a $5 gift card saved up from Swagbucks (you seriously need to sign up if you haven’t already), so I went crazy and ordered the book.
It was completely free after the gift card!
I still need to make use of my local library…

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