month five: blessings abound


Five months down and forever to go!

I really, really, really LOVE my husband.

This is at our rehearsal dinner, aren’t we cute?

He’s my best friend. He’s been my best friend since we were in high school…when we were dating other people. He’s one of those friends that (still, four years later) calls me everyday, just to tell me a random story or check to see if my day is going well. He’s one of those wonderful people who are easy to talk to all the time. And I get to be with him for the rest of my life! I apologize to all the girls who don’t get the pleasure of being married to the best man ever. Though I’m sure in your disillusion you think your man is the best ever. : )

He’s the Spiritual Leader. As much as I (regretfully) fight for this position in our family, it seems that it’s always him to lead us in prayer. He’s the one who came home one day and said, “We’re giving more to our church.” Despite the small dose of financial hardship we’re currently experiencing (read on for a financial update). And he’s the one who got up at 5:15A.M. yesterday morning for his first men’s group meeting.

He’s the patient one, the kind one, the forgiving one. Why does he always have to apologize so quickly-I didn’t even get a chance to chew him out yet! Why can’t I have a moment to be mad at him? Why doesn’t he ever yell and get raging mad?

He’s my claim to fame. Call me proud but it is just fun to say, “My husband play bass for the Anthem Band.” “Oh, yeah, the red head, that’s you’re husband? Cool!”

This month, our marriage has been a blessing because of him. Thanks, Bryan.


We’re doing alright spiritually. I’ve actually been experiencing some spiritual warfare as well as struggling with several different situations all at once. It wouldn’t be prudent for me to share it all but prayers for protection against the enemy are welcomed.
Bryan just started going to men’s group on Thursday mornings at 6am.
We’re both enjoying our connection group very much! God really blessed us big time with a great leader and 3 other young couples, two newly married and one engaged. It’s such a perfect fit.

You may have read about the car repairs. Our dreams of making a dent in our debt were further crushed when we found out last Friday that Bryan’s hours were getting cut at the bank. Again, we’re going to be fine financially, but it was a little overwhelming at the time.
To be honest, I’m starting to feel that all of this financial crap has been much more of a blessing then a burden. It sometimes feels like a burden because God’s plan can be harder then my own. But overall, I’m stretching and growing into a more Christ-like LisaGrace and I’m really loving the slightly-new me! God’s plan is always better then my own…

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Lot’s of work on the machine…

These are some curtains I just whipped together. I need to hem the bottom and their just the back curtains. The front set will match the black and white pillows below.

PILLOWS! I’m pretty proud of these babies.

Just a little wall art.

If you thought I was proud of the pillows, let me TELL you about this little treasure. I did this. Yep, me. I free-handed with bleach and created this! I. am. amazing.

Trust me, all of the above is cooler in person. COME SEE US!

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