a little inspiration and a free kitchen table go a long way…


A little inspiration: I fell in love with this painting as soon as I saw it in my Elle Decor Magazine. I love the dark gray and simplicity of it. And I figured it’s just stripes, right? I can do that. I put it on my DIY list.

So when I picked up our FREE kitchen table last week (thanks again Andy & Laura Lynn!), I knew the perfect spot for my inspiration to take form, and I knew I wanted to make our kitchen cute and home-y. I’m also going to take the time here to put in a plug for Art Night at my house every other Monday. The next one is February 15th! You should come!

Anyway, here’s the before shot:

and here are the after shots:

Much improved? I think so!

2 thoughts on “a little inspiration and a free kitchen table go a long way…

  1. i do love love it,
    but when i saw the first picture, i was confused and thought the inspiration was your house and i was like “holy crap. she's not only good at money she's amazing with home decorating?! who IS this girl!?”

    either way it's true. regardless of which is/isn't your house.

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