whole30 update


Terribly sorry, Bryan and Lisagrace are dead.  Cause of death is unknown, but it is suspected to be a lack of sugar.

J/k.  But seriously.  Okay, fine, it’s not that hard.  We’re halfway there!  Can you tell it’s an emotional roller coaster?

We’re still doing this thing.  All thirty days, even though Bryan conveniently thinks Whole20 sounds so much better from a marketing standpoint.

We’re at the point in which we’ve realized this really isn’t that hard, and we’re excited to be eating better foods.  So, now that we’ve learned these things, can we please have ice cream?  But, just yesterday I realized something – if we gave up on this thing early, it would be to succumb to a random craving.  And we’d eat like a gallon of ice cream and a stuffed crust pizza in one night.  BUT if we end it on our terms (at the end of the 30 days as planned), the likelihood of us going on an all out binge is far less likely.  It’s self-control against the cravings and I’m determined to beat the cravings.

On the up side, I’m actually craving things like strawberries.  So I’m pretty much a full-on health nut.

In even more good news, I realized I’m totally checking #17 off my 30 before 30 list by doing this.  Score!

I’m so thankful that we randomly decided to do this in the summer, when the Farmer’s Markets are bursting with life and fruits and veggies.  SO thankful!

Here are some things that have been super awesome on the Whole30:

 TJ Spice Mixes
[photo credit]

Trader Joe’s Spice Mixes

[photo credit]

Misto = spray-able olive oil, can’t go wrong!

[photo credit]

Stoneware, it makes everything taste delicious and keeps me from cooking over a stove 3 times a day

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