we live in seattle now, so we’re obviously turning into pretentious punks


A mere five months after moving to the pacific northwest, famed for its people who where hiking shoes every where, for it’s world famous farmer’s market and for comedy sketches like this one, we’ve caved.  We’re officially crazy people, crazy people who have cut out all forms of sugar, grains, legumes, dairy and a bunch of other stuff out of their diet for the last 7 days, and  will continue to do so until the end of the day on August 30th.

I know, I know.  You can stop reading this blog, because we’re too pretentious to even stand anymore.  I completely understand.  For those of you who are still reading, let me explain.

We’re doing a program called the Whole30.  We’re basically allowed to eat healthy animals, healthy fats, like nuts and avocados, certain vegetables, and certain fruit.  Let me put it this way, everything we can east fits on a single 8.5×11 page.  Yeah, it sucks.

So why are we doing it?

Because we are pretentious punks who think we’re better than you.

And because…we needed to push the reset button.  For the past few years our health living habits have gone down the tube.  We probably took years off our lives with all the McDonald’s and Burger King we’ve consumed.  And the pizza…let’s be real, we’ve been consuming pizza related food items at least three times a week since 2009.

Now that Bryan has gained “the marriage 40” and I’m as gassy as ever, we decided we should and could give this crazy idea a chance.

So we’re going for it and we’re seven days in.  I’ve honestly been pretty impressed with us, we’ve shown extreme self-control compared to our usual selves.  Right now, I’m in the “It’s fun to eat these good foods!” phase but I’m also having “nightmares” about accidentally getting myself a smoothie [it doesn’t sound bad, but according to the stupid people who wrote this program, I’m not supposed to “drink my calories” plus smoothies almost always have either added sugar or added dairy or both].

We can feel our bodies purging the crap we’ve formally put into and that manifests itself in feverish feelings, fatigue, grumpiness and other obvious “purging” activities.  My acne has also cleared up quite a bit already, which I was pleasantly surprised to see.  We feel exhausted by the end of the day, but we’ve been sleeping harder and waking up feeling awesome.

I’ll check in next week and let you know how we’re doing.  21 days to go.

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