30 Before 30


i wrote this about 7 months ago and found it in my drafts. here you go!

my blogger friend, mrs. dexter, inspired me. i call her my blogger friend because i really don’t know her other than her totally rad blog. which i think is kind-of cool. 

anyway, she inspired me to write a list of things i’d like to do before i’m thirty. i’m 23 (shocking, i know) shoot, i’m 24 now, is that still shocking? and i have approximately 6 5.5 years left to accomplish these things. so, because i’ve been dreaming and scheming about a lot of these things anyway, here you go.
in no particular order…
  1. ride in a hot air balloon
  2. travel overseas to another country CHINA 2012 BABY!
  3. develop my (limited) graphic design skills and design a website/blog
  4. create my own craft blog/shop
  5. become proficient at five new craft skills (such as quilting, needle-point, crochet, etc.)
  6. design and develop at least one unique, from-my-own-brain craft  (hopefully more to come!)
  7. pay off all debt
  8. pay off our mortgage for our mobile home  SOLD MAY 2013
  9. pay cash for a second car (we did this, but then that car kind of fell apart, so now we have a nice new honda and a car payment, so we’re still working on goal #7 at this point)
  10. save 6 months of expenses
  11. buy a house (one that has a foundation and everything!)
  12. run a 5K
  13. meet my goal weight and maintain
  14. become a mother (Lord-willing)
  15. develop a home management system that works for me
  16. plant a garden
  17. eat more food it it’s most natural form
  18. study the entire bible in depth
  19. research and form my own opinions about birth, vaccinations, child-rearing
  20. learn how to french braid my hair
  21. become more hilarious (while trying to curb any offending sarcasm at the same time)
  22. buy my husband a new musical instrument
  23. read 60 books (approx. one per month)
  24. attend a birth
  25. buy a cow or a half cow (not alive, to eat, from a real farm) just ordered a quarter of a cow!
  26. learn how to play an instrument (even if it’s the kazoo)
  27. share the gospel with someone
  28. work up to giving 20% of our income away
  29. make my children their own clothes
  30. plant a tree

3 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. ooh! I want to make one of these! I love your goals. you are a beautiful person.

    ps. good luck trying to be more hilarious than you already are. that does not seem possible, clever girl.

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