A lovely comfort



On our way home from our first community group…

Lisagrace: Bryan, Lauren was wearing Layla’s shoes.
Bryan: What are you talking about?
Lisagrace: Lauren had the exact same shoes as Layla…and they aren’t very common shoes.  I’ve never seen them except on Layla’s feet.  It was like God was saying, “you can be friends with these people.”
Bryan: You’re weird.

We’ve settled on a church here (solely based on the shoe thing…just kidding).  I think it’s finally official that we live here now.  We have a bank account here, washington driver’s licenses and license plates, the works.  And now we have a new church.  Our church in Iowa will always have a piece of us.  After all, family is always family.  But God has us here.

We go to Mars Hill Church in Federal Way, WA.  We go to community group in Auburn, WA.  I go to a women’s bible study in Federal Way, WA.  We’re apart of a church.  God is good.

An old friend/mentor, Anna Chang and her husband Noah host our community group.  Anna is the sister of Lydia, who plays violin for Adoleo, Bryan’s old band through Veritas.  Anna was also my Junior High Small Group leader when she was in college and I was in, well, junior high.  How sweet is that?  God really provided some instant community through them.

We went to their community group and some of the first people that walked in were from Iowa.  Yep, that’s right.  Actually, Lauren is canadian, but she went to Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, IA.  And, more importantly, she had Layla’s shoes on.  So I knew we could probably be friends.

We know we’re supposed to be here and God graciously continues to confirm that.  We’re starting to feel at home, starting to make friends and get connected, and starting to put down roots.

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