a favorite


One of the best things about my family, is that even though there are already biologically 8 of us, we keep “adopting” people into our family. If you need a surrogate family in Ames, feel free to stop on by my parents house. 🙂

My sweet friend and “sister,” Eve is one of the first and certainly the longest lasting Duvick adoptee. Eve’s been around forever. The woman taught me how to drive (which was not an easy feat). She’s seen us all through our ups and downs and she still loves us. The feelings are mutual.

So when Eve was back in Ames for the weekend and participating in Family Fun Night with the rest of my family, I couldn’t resist. I had to see her!

I think it was fate that Eve was sandwiched in between Alyssa & I during the game. 

Obviously, it was worth it. I just love this lady. Then, a week later, I received the most encouraging note in the mail. Not only was it from one of my favorite people, but it was a handwritten letter, which is one of the best things in the world to receive. It uplifted me on a day I really needed it.

 So thanks Eve, you’re a favorite. So glad you’re in my family.

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