may i not fall…


I know what you’re thinking. I should probably become a photographer. Look at the depth, the adorable-ness, the artsy-fartsy angle, and the way the little birdie looks so gosh darn thin! I can’t explain it, really. I was just overcome by my own raw, unbridled talent all of a sudden and I snapped this breathtaking photo of this little bird. SO, throwing caution to the wind, I’m quitting my day job and launching my new photography business which specializes in Instragram iPhone 4 Photos of little adorable crafts.

Just an FYI for my true friends out there: this is the moment when you’re obligated to tell me that I should NOT audition for “America’s Next Best Photographer” because I’m just NOT that talented. And Simon will mock me to the end of the age if you don’t slap me in the face and warn me now of my misdirected pride.

ANYWAY, that little monologue was my way of proudly proclaiming that while I may not have a photography talent, I AM THE BEST AT MAKING ADORABLE LITTLE CRAFTS.

I mean, look at that bird. Isn’t he cute? Oh, you need more pictures? Here you go…

I’ve been learning all sorts of new crafty things lately. I’m working on my first from-a-pattern-dress, I taught myself how to needle felt (this little bird is needle felted), and I’m working on my crochet skills.

Indeed, I think it’s safe to say that I rock.

4 thoughts on “may i not fall…

  1. Oh crochet skills, good for you! it can be fun! there are some adorably striped baby hats that you can crochet…and tunisian crochet can be fun to…and crocheting can be good for seaming and edging knit things…. BUT after all that- i still do prefer knitting- but crochet is a fun skill to know!

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