January Financial Update


This just in, I think I might go back to actually using proper capitalization. Maybe.

If you divide 100% by 12 months, you get 8.3333333333333333%. I just wanted to get that out there and explain that we’re not going to be able to save 8.33% percent each month. Right now, we’re in a season of inching. I have a fulltime job that provides for all of our needs but leaves little room for saving. Bryan gives plasma and so far, we’ve been able to save all of that money. But our goals are quite hefty compared to the small amount of savings we can muster right now. 
That’s okay, because the end of school is finally in sight. Bryan will graduate in May, leave for East Asia, get back in August, and (Lord-willing) get a job and we’ll be a double income family. Since we quite easily live off of one small income right now, we should have no problem dominating our goals come August. At least that’s the plan. 
For now, we’d like to be diligent stewards of what God has given us and save as much as we can, even if it’s very little. 
Because we were on the ball in November and December, we’re actually not so far behind this month. Which is always encouraging! 
Here’s the update:
2012 Financial Goals:

  1. Fill all of our essential dump funds as fast as possible. these dump funds include:
    • Auto Insurance
    • Home Insurance
    • Auto Tax
    • Home Tax
    • Pest Control
    • Eye Exams
    • Eye Glasses
  2. Pay off our student loan
  3. Fill all of our non-essential dump funds. these dump funds include:
    • Christmas
    • Clothing
    • Vacation
    • Birthdays
  4. Save and pay cash for a second car
  5. Fully fund our emergency fund (6 months of expenses)
Percentage-wise, we’re 7.46% completed with our 2012 goals. 

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