december financial update


you’ve heard it before, the holidays are expensive. between gifts, postage, traveling, cards, eating out, and the like, one can really break the bank.

i’ve prided myself on being over-prepared financially and mentally for the holidays months in advance, but even i failed to stick to our budget this year. i’m a little disappointing in myself, but i refuse to beat myself up about it. because we’ve been extremely blessed and we’re doing just fine.

in the midst of overspending, we ended up borrowing a small amount from our savings.

2012 financial goals:

  1. fill all of our essential dump funds as fast as possible. these dump funds include:
    • auto insurance
    • home insurance
    • auto tax
    • home tax
    • pest control
    • eye exams
    • eye glasses
  2. pay off our student loan
  3. fill all of our non-essential dump funds. these dump funds include:
    • christmas
    • clothing
    • vacation
    • birthdays
  4. save and pay cash for a second car
  5. fully fund our emergency fund (6 months of expenses)
percentage-wise, we’re 6.26% completed with our 2012 goals. 

i think i can be excited about being 6.26% ahead of schedule, so i’m going to be!

happy saving!

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